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My name is Tosha Schiffli.  Welcome to My Mom's Junk!  I'm Mama to six and wife to one.  I started my blog and cottage business when I inherited a garage full of Junk from my neurotic but lovable mom.  She is a hoarder and collects clutter like 10 year old collect Pokemon cards.   I started documenting my transformations online.  The rest, as they say, is history!  http://www.mymomsjunk.com

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sacred Saturday

We had our children's confirmation retreat at Catholic Charities in Tulsa, OK yesterday.  It was a beautiful, grace filled day.  I tool my camera with every intentions of documenting everything.  It just didn't seem like the timing was right.  I was afraid of being a distraction.  I waited until we were done with Mass and the incense cleared and took these photos;)

I have a devotion to the Sacred Heart.

My favorite.  The Infant of Prague.
The Fourteen Stations of the Cross are beautiful!  We are making our own:)

This was how thick the incense was AFTER mass. 
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Friday

Someday I'm going to miss this. For now, it's annoying;). The middle pictures where he is in the green shirt...then it was obviously removed...was a 10 minute reign of terror. We affectionately call him "Mister Twister".

Thankful Thursday

I took Landon to soccer today (you know this if you read my blog;). I sat in the car with the baby while he practiced. Hunter park was CRAZY busy. One of the many, many activities happening was a frisbee golf tournament. I know this because I was parked in front of their sign up table:(. On Landon's way back to the car he dropped his ball. There was a woman reading her Bible by the sign up table and she immediately jumped up and grabbed it for him. I don't even remember how the conversation started but all I know is today I heard the most powerful Christian witness story. It was unbelievable. The woman was battling cancer. She told me about the disease and how the cancer was : "allowed by God for her to grow in faith and trust in Him." She told me this week she had a meeting with all of her Doctors. She told them, "I want you to know two things about me. One...don't underestimate my will to live. Two...don't underestimate the power of my God!" They had just told her it was terminal. I held it together until I called Chris. Wow. So today, Thankful Thursday is dedicated to her and all women battling Cancer. Who teach us how to handle life "with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...on Thursday!

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...
11. Therapists that are passionate about their job and love my daughter.
12. For my daughter Krystiana. It's an honor to raise her.
13. For Landon. From his very conception was a healing force in our family and humbled my fertility doctor.
14. For August. My miracle baby. You proved my fertility Doctor was wrong about me not being able to have any more children...again. We switched doctors.
15. For Dr.'s Jay Williamson and Arthur Nilson for supporting my decision to VBAC (not their first choice). They will never have any idea the depth of gratitude I have. Also, for the staff. Who bore the brunt of my anxious phone calls. Almost dying during childbirth makes you a little jumpy. Sorry:(
16. For my son Alex, who I wrote about last Saturday. You deserve a post all your own:).
17. For days like today. I have been busy shuffling kids around. School, therapy, homeschool, soccer, etc., Which makes a woman who thought she couldn't have children very, very happy.
18. For my sister and brother. Because you understand. I love you.
19. For Katie and Cody. I love you like you were my own.
20. For my Mom and Dad. You instilled a love of learning, DIY, and gave me siblings. See above.
21. For my Stepmom Nita who drug me to auctions, flea markets, and introduced to Junkin.
22. Junk Gypsies

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday. Enough Said.

Like most Moms {Had to scratch that. Nothing about my life is typical.} I have been extremely busy.  We are"refocusing" on home management and maintenance.  I know the word "refocusing" implies that I had "focused" on this aspect of my life previously but I can't remember.  I have ADD.  Don't Judge.  Remember this list?  We are on a purging and organization binge.  So I am putting a few new links on the side to help (me;).  Apparently, this has been an issue of mine for awhile?  I was looking through the archives and found these pictures of our old house:(    Just so you know...the rest of the house was spotless.  No, I am not in denial.  At all.  Ever.  I need to go now.  I want to avoid what happened in the pictures below from ever happening again and I need to call my Mom.  She still thinks I'm perfect.  She doesn't read my blog...